Job Duties: Maintain staffing operations across the board in accordance to the company's policy and procedures. -- Obtain daily staff requests and fill them efficiently. -- Uphold accurate system for tracking staff over a variety of shifts. -- Coordinate staff to meet the organization's requirements. -- Monitor overtime accumulation and attendance of employees. -- Assist the human resource department with interviews and orientations. -- Provide facility tours to newly hired employees. -- Track a document all in service training sessions. -- Conduct competency checks on new and existing employees. -- Maintain schedules for rotating staff. -- Secure coverage for vacancy shifts. -- Work with the payroll manager to verify payroll accuracy. -- Process employee vacation requests. --Answer phones and run receptionist area. - Maintain daily staffing reports & records by ensuring each activity is logged properly. Candidates must past background check and drug screen before hiring. Must have Verbal & written skills, professional personal presentation, customer service, organizing & planning, Attention to detail & reliable. Must be able to pass drug test.