MEDICA HEALTH MANAGEMENT, INC. Primary Home Care (PHC) Attendant - Lubbock in LUBBOCK, Texas

1. Attendant must have the ability to comply with state mandated electronic visit verification system (LAN LINE or TOKEN). 2. Attendant must report any changes in condition or problems with client to their immediate supervisor within 24-hours of awareness of occurrence. 3. Report any emergency/life-endangering situations to 9-1-1 and then notify office immediately, the office will notify client s caregiver/family, physician or any other health care professional involved in the care. Incident Report must be completed 4. Attendant must complete all duties listed in the individualized service plan for every client. 5. Knowledgeable of the client s individualized care plan and assisting clients in the activities of daily living. a. Tasks may include (but not limited to): i. Hygiene: bathing, shaving, brushing teeth, brushing/combing hair, washing hands/face, applying makeup and nonprescription lotion, dressing, changing diapers, assisting on/off bed pan, assisting with feminine hygiene, assisting with clothing during toileting, and preparing toileting supplies and equipment. ii. TRANSPORT/TRANSFER: transferring client from one position to another on the bed or chair, assisting with putting on/moving leg braces and prosthesis, assisting wheelchair, walking and exercising. iii. CLEANING: cleaning living area, cleaning stove, cleaning counter, cleaning refrigerator, dusting, carrying out trash, washing and drying clients clothes, changing bed linens and making bed. iv. FOOD/FEED: cooking and washing client s dishes, feeding, preparing grocery or household item shopping list, putting away food, reminding client to take their medications. v. ERRANDS: going to store to buy and pick up grocery items or medications, accompanying client to the doctor/clinic. 6. Attendant is responsible for maintaining a safe, neat and clean environment for the client. 7. Attendant must demonstrate the ability to lift, transfer and transport client from bed, chair etc. Utilize appropriate transfer device. 8. Following the HIPAA Rules and Regulations must maintain client confidentiality and follow the company following proper procedure for lifting and moving the client 9. Attendant must perform all job duties in accordance with the safety and infection control procedures, including hand washing, use of disposable gloves where indicated and proper disposal of items. 10. Perform any other duties as assigned. The Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any with with or without notice.