TEACHING & MENTORING COMMUNITIES (TMC) Health & Safety Coordinator in LUBBOCK, Texas

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for ensuring compliance with all local rules, State and Federal regulation, corporate work plans, policies and procedures in the program area of Health and Safety. 1. Assist in planning and implementing goals, objectives, and all activities that are part of the MSHS work plan as promulgated in the Head Start Performance Standards, under child Development and Health Services. 2. Maintains data tracking system (PROMIS), monitors trends, reports and makes recommendation for changes to systems as needed 3. Monitors compliance with work plans and systems, analyzed trends, reports and makes recommendations for revisions as needed using a specialization in the specific program area and a generalist approach to all other program areas. 4.Secures and annually renews medical and dental agreements providers for the provisions of EPSDT physicals and dental exams for enrolled TMC children. 5. Provides trainings and presentation in the area of health and safety and provided technical assistance within the program area. 6. Participates in the development of the community assessment for the region. 7. Participates in regional management team functions such as meetings, trainings and other activities. 8. Serves as liaison to one or more assigned centers in the region. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS/EDUCATION: 1. Currently certified or registered Medical Assistance, OR 2. Associates Degree in Nursing or Social Work. 3. Have a basic knowledge of community agencies and/or accessibility of resources for migrant families. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS/EDUCATION: 1. Current Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in good standing or Bachelors Degree in Health Administration or Social Work. 2. Migrant Seasonal Head Start of Head Start experience. 3. Bilingual in English and Spanish. 4. Knowledge of Federal, State, and Local programs.